How Does the Jump Manual work?

Once you make your Jump Manual purchase, you will receive the link to a digital download. Download this file – this is your Jump Manual. Some of the sections are giving you information, some advice, and Chapter 8 will give you an actual routine to follow for improving your vertical jumping.

The support staff for Jump Manual are always looking to hear from clients who need help, so be sure to contact the support team HERE if you have any questions.

Using the equipment given to you by the Manual, you will track your progress and improvement in;

-Muscular coordination.
-Muscular strength.
-Nutrition and recovery.
-Tendon strength and stiffness.
-Plyometric ability.


How Do I Receive The Jump Manual? Is It Available In Other Languages?

An instantly downloadable electronic book, or eBook, the video training and bonus information all comes alongside the eBook in one simple to use software package. Once you buy the product, you will be given a code for downloading the software with. The Jump Manual is 100% friendly with printers.

The Manual is, at present, only available in English. We do, however, provide multi-language customer service support and translations will be available in the not too distant future.


Is This For Kids?

This program is perfectly suited to children for a variety of reasons;

Kida already get involved in a lot of physical activity, but they are involved in an environment whereby anything can happen. When using the Jump Manual, you can take away the unpredictability and give your child the chance to learn at the best possible speed, using a professional training regime. As well as this, children are like sponges and if they can see the gains this gives them other classmates and competitors, they will gobble the information up in no time at all!

Make sure that you supervise your children, however. They might need help or alterations to the schedule due to development etc.


Is This For Me?

Literally anybody can grow and improve using this method of training – you just need to have the ambition and the determination to succeed. We can treat anybody in the world that wants to have more powerful vertical jump explosion.


What Do I Need?

You literally need yourself and some determination, as well as access to a gym. This can be a local gym, a friend’s gym, anywhere at all. In fact, if you cannot get access to weights then fear not – there is a non-weight alternative to every exercise in the Manual, meaning those without hardware or equipment can still enjoy the many benefits that this can offer them. Each exercise will be based around changing and improving your attributes, nothing else.


How Quickly Will It Work?

Your vertical gain will be depending on how much time you put in and how determined you are. The closer you get to the famed 50” vertical jump mark, then your level of improvement may slow down slightly, but that is extremely common.

Also, consider that things like forms and flexibility are going to be key contributors to your success here. If you can improve your form and your flexibility, you can  increase your vertical through your form and posture alone!

Predicting your success or your growth is a difficult science and one we really cannot give you. It all comes down to your own ability, your height to start with, any injuries you have, and your ability and form as a whole. If somebody with a history of smoking and very little exercise was to start, it could take them a bit longer. If a truly primed athlete was to join us, it could take them even less – so many factors come into play, it’s impossible to say.


How much times does the program take?

The sessions last for one hour and they take place 2-3 times a week, depending on your ambition. Coming up with a customized time pattern is something we can help you with, if the current format does not work for you.


The program gives us all we need, right?

The Jump Manual is about as comprehensive as it possibly can be – it has all the information that you would need to want to know or read about in the form of improving your vertical jump. Both your jumping and your overall physical shape and size will be addressed. Nothing is left uncovered.


Will I reach a plateau or is this a continual improvement?

It all depends on your ability to recover and how your body responds to exercise, really. We can show you how to manage your health and your fatigue, but everybody is different – some take a day, some take a week to recover.


What is the guarantee?

We have a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can do the program, keep in touch with us, and If somehow you aren’t satisfied or seeing positive results, we will give you a full refund.