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GENERALLY EXPECTED RESULTS FROM THE JUMP MANUAL AND UPSELL of THE JUMP MANUAL PRODUCTS:  Although our products are intended to be fully implemented, and we work hard to ensure it’s easy to do so, the typical user of virtually all education products treats them in much the same way they treat a book. The vast majority read or skim through it once, then do not implement the program or take any action based on it. The results of such education are intangible, and not measured in increase vertical leap, jump higher, or other positive results of any kind. And even when consumers implement our product in full, more often than not they do not report increases vertical leap, jump higher, or other positive results of any kind. Reports of specific increases in vertical leap, jump higher, or any positive results of any kind should therefore be understood as the exception rather than the rule. Consumers who use our products can generally expect not to see any increases in vertical leap, jump higher, or positive results of any kind. It is entirely possible you will experience decrease in vertical leap, jump lower, and experience other negative outcomes as a result of the advice contained in our products.

TESTIMONIALS DISCLAIMER: Testimonials found at and/or from The Jump Manual are unverified results that have been forwarded to us by users of the The Jump Manual program, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. If we have disclosed typical results based on information provided to us by a manufacturer or other reputable third party source, you should presume that the typical results as stated are more reliable than the testimonials and other examples found at and/or from The Jump Manual. However, you should always perform due diligence and not take such results at face value. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in typical results information supplied to us by manufacturers or other reputable third parties. If a product or service is new, you understand that it may not have been available for purchase long enough to provide an accurate results history. Again, it is possible that even with perfect use of the program, you will not achieve the results described in the testimonials. They are meant to be a showcase of the best results the program has produced, and should not be taken as the results a typical user will get.

RISKS OF PRODUCT USE: The website’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and diagnosis. None of the diet plans or exercises (including products and services) mentioned at or from The Jump Manual should be performed or otherwise used without clearance from your physician or health care provider. The information contained within is not intended to provide specific physical or mental health advice, or any other advice whatsoever, for any individual or company and should not be relied upon in that regard. We are not medical professionals, and nothing on this website should be misconstrued to mean otherwise.

There may be risks associated with participating in activities mentioned on for people in poor health or with pre-existing physical or mental health conditions. Because these risks exist, you will not participate in such diet plans if you are in poor health or have a pre-existing mental or physical condition. If you choose to participate in these risks, you do so of your own free will and accord, knowingly and voluntarily assuming all risks associated with such dietary activities. These risks may also exist for those who are currently in good health right now.

In addition, the The Jump Manual program is designed to be a challenging program which is designed to get you jump higher as fast as possible. In order to give you a better understanding of how the Jump Manual works, some of the exercises you need to do are stretching, warm-Up, sprints, explosive squats, explosion calf raises, rim jumps, lunge jumps, side to cide box jumps and weighted explosions. An important component of the program is lifting heavy weights (dead lifts, ham curls and hang cleans). This activity is inherently risky, and especially so if done with poor form. You may experience muscle tears, pulls, sprains, dislocations, or other undesirable health consequences. Another important component of the program is the Protein Workout Snack (PWS), which requires you to consume sugary drinks. Users assume all risks inherent with preparing the snack, including possible risks of diabetes and other undesirable health consequences.

IMPORTANT BILLING INFORMATION: As is stated repeatedly on the website, order page, a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee is included with your purchase of The Jump Manual program. If for any reason you are not satisfied with The Jump Manual program, you may request a FULL Refund within 60 days at by contacting clickbank support.